Experiences and Outcomes

First off, I want to encourage anyone reading this who has a bachelor's degree in music to take this survey I'm conducting.

This survey examines how music undergraduate degrees differ - and how different experiences might correlate to various outcomes for music majors.

Speaking of experiences, I had a great time at the Northwestern University Peak Performance Horn Symposium in June. I took pages and pages of notes during the masterclasses with Gail Williams, Jon Boen, and Dave Krehbiel, the incredible series of lectures by the sports and music psychologist Don Greene, as well as classes on Alexander Technique, Aston Patterning, and meditation. I met a lot of people, got some great ideas, and I feel inspired. I can't recommend the symposium enough.

I took a small risk myself and played in a masterclass for Mr. Krehbiel, at the symposium. I played for Dave twice before when I was a student. He was as delightful and musical as ever and it felt good to not be too bound by my own ego and fear. I played the Romance No. 67 by Saint Saens, originally a horn piece but later repurposed by Saint Saens for cello and chamber orchestra. I'll be playing this same piece at a concert at Rhodes on October 23 - a concert of all French music from the years 1870-1940. 

I also took the opportunity to talk to everyone at the symposium that had a lot of experience with mellophone. I'm trying to improve my teaching and methodology for my students who must spend almost half the year playing the mellophone (most of them.)

Upon returning home, I finished up my method book, which I have mentioned in previous posts. You can now take a look at it here.

Wishing you all a cool and easy summer!