I've been in a montage

I believe most humans are familiar of the cinematic trope of the montage. Rocky's got a big match coming up - life or death! - and we see him jogging all hours of the day, practicing with the bag, strategizing with the coach, etc., etc....

Welp, these last few of weeks, I've been in a montage. Getting ready for playing the Ligeti and Brahms last month (as well as a set with the Memphis Symphony) felt like a giant feat. And I have had to ma'am up and just do the work! Here's how the montage goes: 

*Me talking on the phone to my mom* - "Yeah, Christmas was great... Coming up in January? Well, I'm preparing to play the hardest piece written for French horn three different times... You're right, mom, they probably should have gotten Jen to play it."

CUT TO - Me studying the score, drinking coffee. I pause to scribble with a pencil and nod to myself, satisfied

CUT TO - At a messy instrument repair shop where my salty repairman friend (cameo role by Dan Aykroyd) cuts and realigns my thumb key while I perch on a stool and watch. 

CUT TO - Me practicing the second movement of the Ligeti over and over and over and over and...

CUT TO - New Years eve, a party at a friend's house. We all wear party hats and crowns and at midnight I kiss Elise (played by Chloë Sevigny) to show that I'm "keeping it together" and I'm not turning in to a total loner.

CUT TO - I'm jogging through the neighborhood, "Silver Lining" style except that instead of a garbage bag, I'm wearing every item of clothing I own because it's been freaking cold, here!

CUT TO - Pressing send on an application for a higher ed job and then immediately falling asleep from sheer exhaustion.

CUT TO - Second movement of Ligeti - AGAIN!

CUT TO - The performance, backstage. My trainer says, "Are you sure you're ready to take this guy?" and I reply, "It's now or never, mack."

Below, a video of that fateful second movement of the Ligeti. Enjoy!